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We want you to feel comfortable visiting Sierra View Country Club, whether that’s to play golf, attend a tournament or a wedding…really any event. Sierra View does have a dress code, and we kindly request that it is observed. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact the office prior to any event you are attending.

On the Golf Course

All Golfers: The dress code is applicable to all golf practice areas as well as the course. No blue denim at any time. No joggers, workout, or athleisure clothing. Caps are to be worn brim forward.

Gentlemen: Acceptable attire is a golf shirt with sleeves and collar, golf slacks or golf specific shorts. Shirts may be worn out, if so designed. If the shirt is pulled over the head, it must be tucked in.

Ladies: Acceptable attire is a collared golf shirt or racerback, golf slacks, shorts, skorts or skirts long enough to be modest. Leggings with side and back pockets may be worn, all other leggings must be worn under a skirt or skort.

In the Clubhouse

Restaurant: In general, Country Club Casual is recommended at all times and gentlemen will remove hats. Not acceptable in the restaurant: Tennis attire, sweatpants, tank tops, beach attire, halter tops, muscle shirts, tee shirts or sports jerseys. Note that blue jeans are now appropriate attire on Sunday mornings in the dining room. Acceptable blue jeans are jeans that are not worn, torn, ripped or cargo styles.

Lounge: Acceptable golf and tennis attire. Shirts may be worn out if so designed. Hats may be worn. Not acceptable are sweat pants, tank tops, beach attire, halter-tops, muscle shirts, T-shirts or sports jerseys.

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